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love and destroy

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The current layout was made by thefulcrum, graphics and all.

The title is from Franz Ferdinand's Love and Destroy.

I'm almost 3/4 through college (oh god) and am an anthropology major. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing (but I'm told that's absolutely normal).

I'm a budding foodie and am known to make a very tasty loaf of bread. I also weave in my spare time and am really fascinated with the production of cheese. While I sort of plan to end up working in an anthropology-related field, I wouldn't mind working in a bakery, at least for a while. (No production weaving, though, please. :( )

I also play video games, draw occasionally, and write. I will periodically post locked original fiction writing posts. Fanfiction will always be unlocked. Some of it is also available at my ff.net account.

If you came here for fic, feel free to friend me for updates. :) Leave comments, too! It's always appreciated, though I might talk your ear off in my response.

My default mode is naked and oversharing.

~ Cai